Corporate travel arrangement

We book you the best of flights, cabs and mini coaches. We take care of you from your doorstep till you return home.

Travel Arrangements

We are not flight booking agents, a cab or a bus company, we are better suited than those for your purpose

Comfortable and properly planned travel can enhance a team trip, just as the reverse can mar it. Our company books your flight tickets, or your buses and mini coaches, even cabs, for your team outing.

We bring decades of experience into mapping your journey exactly, from your doorstep, by air, train, bus or cab.

Most often, our client teams report that they found the journey as enjoyable as their final destination. We make your coordination with your team and with transport much easier with our well oiled processes.

What we do

Why Us

Travel management is key to a great team outing experience. Whether by flight, rail, or road, careful planning and coordination are essential to make the journey as seamless as possible. Mileage Global follows a clear process involves various steps, including itinerary planning, transportation selection, accommodation arrangements, and communication strategies

Detailed itineraries are our last but crucial step of transport and travel planning for team outings. This includes departure and arrival times estimated by our own longstanding travel experience with corporate groups. Team members know what to expect and this allows for better time management.

What most people forget, and what we always remember is – that effective communication is the backbone of successful travel management. Keeping the team informed about travel details, schedules, and any changes ensures everyone is on the same page

Air Travel

The first consideration is choosing the most convenient and cost-effective flights for the team. This involves researching different airlines, comparing prices, and selecting the most suitable departure and arrival times.

Train Travel

Can be an excellent option for team outings, as they are low cost and also great bonding experiences. We research available routes and travel times, try to see that the team has reserved seats or compartments together

Road Travel

We decide between buses or vans and cabs as per the distance, budget, and most importantly, the destination resort. We know which hilly regions need what size and power of a motor vehicle, for example.  Ensuring that the driver is well-rested and familiar with the route helps to avoid delays and ensures a safe journey.

Mileage Global - Team travel management that creates memorable and cohesive team experiences.

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