Why Are Corporate Team Outings Vital for Building Bonds and Fun Times?

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Why should corporate team outings be a priority for your organization?

Team outings are often overlooked as a valuable tool for corporate team dynamics. However, managers who invest in regular team-building activities reap significant rewards. Team outings provide a much-needed break from the office routine, allowing colleagues to connect on a deeper level and build stronger relationships. This can lead to improved communication, collaboration, and productivity in the workplace.


However, organizing a team offsite or team-building outbound event can be as intricate as orchestrating a wedding. It all starts with a fundamental question: \”Where should we go?\”

When you ask your team for destination suggestions, the responses might range from exotic island getaways to distant mountain retreats. Before you know it, you\’re relieved that no one has proposed an Antarctic expedition.

It becomes apparent that some of your team members, seemingly the least adventurous at work, are now advocating for the most far-flung destinations. You ponder why these individuals, who typically shy away from stepping out of their comfort zones, are now advocating for epic journeys.

The answer lies in their mindset, reminiscent of the old days when government employees\’ families maximized their Leave Travel Allowance (LTA) by selecting the farthest vacation spot to benefit from employer-covered expenses. The more miles, the more financial perks.

It\’s a scenario where the desire for personal gain outweighs the collective interests of the team. Unfortunately, it often results in grueling journeys to places no one truly wanted to visit, leaving everyone exhausted and regretful.

Here\’s a word of advice: Be the sensible parent, not the greedy one.

Now, you may wonder if you should aim to be popular and cater to your team\’s desire for a free holiday at the company\’s expense. It\’s essential to consider a few points at this juncture:

Enjoyable Team Experience: Ask yourself if taking your team to those exotic spots will genuinely enhance the team experience. The best-remembered corporate team outings are those where everyone had fun together, forging deeper connections and becoming like an extended family.

Destination Selection: Opt for a location where the travel is enjoyable within the allotted time frame and budget. The goal is to ensure that the journey itself contributes positively to the overall experience.

Resort Selection: Choose a resort that aligns with your team\’s temperament and the objectives of your corporate team outing. If your colleagues prefer excellent room service and a corporate resort environment, match their expectations accordingly.

Service and Facilities: Consider the resort\’s service staff turnover and attrition rates, which can significantly affect the quality of your experience. Is the chosen resort in a remote location with potential challenges in sourcing even basic materials for food?


In essence, apply your common sense and practical knowledge to select a destination and resort that can provide an enjoyable and enriching team outing experience.

Now, let\’s move forward with the process of choosing an outbound partner wisely.

Choose Your Outbound Partner Wisely

Once you\’ve recognized the need for a team outing, the next step is selecting the ideal destination and finding a resort that suits your budget while accommodating your activity requirements.

How do you go about this? Do you start by searching online for exotic team travel destinations, followed by contacting a travel agent for resort suggestions and quotations?

This is where many team outing organizers encounter their first set of challenges. Often, travel partners understand corporate travel but not team building. They may propose standard resorts that fulfill basic training needs but fall short in terms of creating the magic glue required to bond your team.

This is precisely where our unique service comes into play. We\’ve merged the expertise of a training firm with a travel and events firm, offering what we call \”end-to-end team offsite services.\”

If you\’re looking for a reliable corporate event organizer that understands the dynamics of team building and can provide tailored solutions, consider exploring Mileage Global\’s Corporate Event Organizer Services. Their expertise can significantly enhance your team outing experience.

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