Resort booking

We find you resorts best suited to great group experiences. We know all the best new resorts at trending destinations.

Resort booking

We specialize in booking resorts for corporate team outings. Finding a resort that suits your budget and the preferences of your team are paramount. Our hotel contracting enables you to leverage your budget better into the event experience.

We get you the best venues at competitive rates, and the best deals on food and beverage, with no nasty surprises or hidden costs.

Finding the right corporate team outing resorts at popular trending destinations in India is tough as team outing specialists, we know exactly what amenities should be available at a resort booked for this purpose

Outdoor space for team building activities

 Good rooms with cots and comfortable beds

Rooms that are all the same category and kind

A common run-of-the-house price per room despite the many categories booked

Management of the different tax rates for rooms, food and other services

Resorts must also be large enough for teams to gather together, wander around and enjoy the facilities and activities. The ambience of resorts can make or mar team trips and retreats

Our team has in-depth knowledge and intimacy of most of the resorts across the country best suited to corporate gatherings of 2-3 days, or even overnighters or day outings. We are also very affordable.

We recommend to you the resorts best suited to your team size and budget

We look at important criteria, like the ones below, which regular travel agencies and event managers may not think of, because we are purely team outing specialists.

Conference hall – the size and nature of the space the hall provided is important. Even for pure team bonding outings, your team may need a common space to gather, away from the vagaries of the weather. We know how to get you that at minimal cost.

Outdoor space for activities – especially if you intend to hold team building activities. Even otherwise, good garden spaces help to keep the team together. Without that, your colleagues may be tempted to wander away from each other in small groups. Or some may go out of the campus while others stay in, all of which defeats the purpose of having everyone together.

Good hotel service staff is helpful in managing groups. We know which resorts have adequate staff and provide good service. When teams book on their own or through travel agencies, not team outing specialists like us, they could end up frustrated with poor service from the venue.

Good kitchen and food – always makes every team outbound much better. Everyone wants good food when they are away from home, and even more so when they are having fun with their work family. We try to provide you menus and recommend places with good food.

Access for coaches and vehicles – because a team usually uses mii coaches and buses, and not cars. People tend to carry a lot of clothes on corporate outings as there would be various kinds of events planned, so there will be a lot of luggage to be moved In too.

Looking for that high end resort at a low cost, that well-kept secret nobody knows about? Contact us and let’s pick a good venue for your team outing.

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