Leadership interventions

Our simulations pave the way for meaningful discussions. Our facilitators help build road maps and mission statements.

Leadership interventions

Mileage Global specializes in leadership interventions that enable your organization to build a strong pipeline of leaders. Your succession planning becomes more effective when you watch your young as well as your senior leaders at work in our sessions. We also help leaders develop the necessary skills, competencies, and behaviors to lead more effectively. This leads to better decision-making, increased productivity, and enhanced organizational performance.

Our decades of experience in gamification and its application to leadership development is the differentiator that Mileage Global brings to this space. Our simulations are highly immersive and require highly skilled facilitation.

Due to this, we have a large bank of corporate leaders turned leadership facilitators who are able to communicate messages effectively to CXOs and senior executives.

Team or Organizational Culture building interventions are our specialty. We use a range of simulations that create awareness and acceptance of existing gaps in both new and old teams. Our interventions begin with fun activities with deeper underlying messages, and then move on to discussions. 

These interventions eventually direct organizational culture towards desired values and behaviors. Again, we can function as a one stop shop that can also help percolate those messages downward throughout an organization through fun contests and campaigns.

Leadership Development Programs

These structured programs are designed to enhance leadership skills and competencies through workshops, training sessions, coaching, and mentoring. They often focus on areas such as communication, decision-making, emotional intelligence, and strategic thinking. We also have the capability to run these initiatives in suitable destinations that can transport participants into a different state of mind that welcomes change.

Leadership Retreats

Leadership retreats provide opportunities for leaders to step away from their day-to-day responsibilities and focus on strategic planning and on developing the right allegiances with their reports. Mileage Global  delivers leadership offsites that are great experiences from start to finish. We work as your invisible angels that make your stay, networking gathering and interventions seamless and trouble-free.

At the same time, the coaches or trainers you would have hand picked from our large pool would work strongly with you to empower your team to become even stronger together.

360-Degree Feedback

Our facilitators excel in eliciting honest feedback from multiple sources in your organization, and using it in a positive and empowering manner to help your leaders grow to the next height. Mileage Global helps your company’s leaders gain self-awareness, identify areas for growth and move forward confidently with a clear vision on what they must do personally, and also at an organizational level. leaders with a comprehensive view of their strengths and areas for improvement.

Change Management Training

Change is welcomed and accepted only when it comes from within. Our change management interventions are rarely called by those names. They creep up gradually on participants, who make a complete turnaround kind of change before they even fully realize it. Mileage Global provides tools and strategies for communicating change, managing resistance, and supporting your teams through transitions.

Sales and Negotiation Skills

Our interactive role-playing exercises and simulation scenarios are what led us into developing impactful sales and negotiation skills training interventions. Mileage Global facilitators are particularly used to working with sales teams across multiple destinations and in all kinds of environments. Our approach is simple and it always works, because every one of us at Mileage Global is actually selling ourselves and negotiating around all our work scenarios every day. We bring you immersive simulations – both direct and indirect or gamified – that we also debrief to give you those aha moments.

Executive Coaching

We offer executive coaching services through our large panel of experienced and sensitive mentors. Leaders we work with soon begin facing business challenges with confidence, and actually start achieving their own professional as well as personal goals. The support and feedback of our coaches make leaders become more accountable and better able to realize their own full potential. 

Succession Planning

Organizations only grow when there is the right pipeline of leaders and also clear choices of a couple of future CEOs. Mileage Global’s succession planning interventions focus on identifying and developing future leaders within the organization. We discover the right talent from within you, build it up and create career paths to ensure a pipeline of qualified leaders for key roles.

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