Team building activities

We have a huge range of team-building activities. Our concepts are original, unique and exciting.

Team building activities

Corporate reatreats are the best way to bond with your Teammates – Mileage Global organizes them perfectly.

Team building activities are often the most important element in team outings. And this is where we are first. We offer a range of team building activities that can be conducted indoors or outdoors, or even as a mix of the two.

We have a range of interesting new concepts such as team haka, whodunit mysteries in which your team plays different characters wearing elements of costume. We can even set up team escape rooms that accommodate up to 30 people in a resort of your choice. We also have immersive long formats like our Time Machine game, or simple fun minute to win it short games. For those specifically interested in activities in Bangalore, check out our Team Building Activities in Bangalore page for more localized options.

Team Building Activities in Bangalore

Outdoor team building activities

Our outdoor games are fun and high energy without being tiring. They always leave your team on a high.

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Build and Donate – CSR Type Team Activities

Experience the joy of building with your own hands. And then giving it away yourself to someone who needs it.

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Meta verse and tech type activities

We use gadgets to manage large teams without yelling at them. Experience the metaverse instead of the outdoors for a change.

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Indoor team activities

Our indoor activities are noisy, fun-filled and immersive. Your teams will refuse to stop playing even when their time is up.

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Leadership interventions

Our simulations pave the way for meaningful discussions. Our facilitators help build road maps and mission statements.

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Looking for the perfect place for your team outing? Contact us and make yours a destination outing.

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