Build and Donate - CSR Type Team Activities

Experience the joy of building with your own hands. And then giving it away yourself to someone who needs it.

Build and Donate - CSR Type Team Activities

Team building activities that make your team build something with their own hands and then give it away to someone who needs it will not just enhance collaboration in your team. It will actually contribute hugely into building a team culture of supporting others, even each other, and of appreciating the value of helping another person with your work.

These kinds of teamwork activities will not only strengthen your team dynamics and engage your employees. They invariably leave your team on a high, and make them feel they achieved something solid in those few hours. Often, team members begin respecting the organization more as they realize that they are active contributors to the wellbeing of the society they operate in

By harnessing the collective power of your team to make a positive impact, you not only enrich the lives of others but also create a more fulfilling and purpose-driven work environment for your employees

We enable you to build and donate wheelchairs, bicycles and even solar lighting to street vendors. These are all team building activities. Beneficiaries are all local to the place your retreat takes place in. Beneficiaries show up at your venue and take you through the use that what you give them will be put to. Your team goes through a deeply emotional experience

Bicycle building

Your team gets kits of bicycle parts. They work in smaller sub teams to assemble bicycles. They perform quality tests and even speed tests on them. They decorate them with stickers of your brand and your commitment to social causes like this. Young college students chosen carefully from lower income families come to your venue and receive the bicycles

In most of these cases, direct recipients come and receive the equipment you assemble. The activities themselves give huge learning outcomes on team work, learning new skills quickly, effective execution, feedback and delegation

Participants also get to experience firsthand for themselves the freedom of movement and functioning that the devices they have built give to the beneficiaries. They hear heartwarming stories that leave them energized and appreciating the value of life even more


This team activity is designed to enable just that. It is a design, build and race event which gives you the excitement of a Formula One car racing challenge combined with a happy CSR ending.
We give you the raw material to build a wheelchair, and the design basics. Your team works together in small groups to build multiple wheelchairs. The wheelchairs are then donated to those who need mobility assistance but cannot afford it. Your team goes through a heartwarming experience that will bond them in the manner of the truly inspired

Solar Lighting

You can also build small solar lights and charging points for street vendors. We will provide you with small kits and the knowhow to assemble them into small solar lights. These would be handed over to push carts used to sell small items on the streets. Imagine the joy your  team would feel when they accidentally bought something later on from a cart that their team had helped to light up

Experience the high of building something with your own hands and giving it directly to someone who needs it

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