The Most Fun Outdoor Team Building Activities for 2024

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Working 8 hours per day in a corporate setting for 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year…oooff! Does it not sound tiring? Well then, it’s time for a team retreat!


Corporate work life can get tiring, especially when it’s one project after another, one deadline overlapping another. This is why many hotshot corporate firms arrange for team outings. Not only are these outings fun, but they also help in team building and better internal communication. Planning outdoor team building exercise can be fun, especially when you have a great team with whom you can have fun.


If you are interested in outdoor activities for your team, then 2024 is the best year to plan one. Want to know more details? Find out what makes them Interesting.!


Why 2024 is the Best Year for Team Building Activities Outside Work

2024 is almost here – we are sure that your company is gearing up for a productive business year. Be it any field, corporate companies get in an upbeat spirit for the new year. But 2024 is also special if you’re looking for a good holiday.

India has over 10 long weekends this year. This makes it perfect for corporate teams to have a relaxing outdoor trip. From January to November 2024, there are many chances to connect with your team and create a strong team bonding.

If you want to improve team building and have a fun weekend trip for your team, choose Mileage Global. Read the next section to learn more about the different types of outdoor team building activities for small group of employees!


8 Fun Outdoor Team Building Activities for Employees

Team building activities can range from fun and dangerous games to exciting events. Continuous work makes employees tired. Taking a short break from the never-ending corporate cycle can give everyone a much-needed rest.

Here are some of the most engaging and fun team building activities for your employees that we can arrange:


Scavenger Hunt with a Twist

Everyone knows scavenger hunt – get your list and start hunting down for every item on the list. But there are many ways to make this game more fun! This is why we suggest – why not have a scavenger hunt on a beach?

Group people into pairs and give them a list of things that they have to find. You can make this game either simple or difficult – it depends on the list of items you provide them with.

Skills Used: Teamwork, communication, problem-solving.


The Classic Tug-of-War

Although tug-of-war is an old-fashioned game, you can still make it fun! The game is all about team-building and team spirit – all you have to do is grab a long, thick rope and a few pairs of gloves. You can conduct this game anywhere outdoors, but it is more fun in an open setting. Let the strongest ones win!

Skills Used: Team-building, trust, and teamwork.


A Shared Picnic

Want to keep the outdoor team building activity simple and sweet? Then plan for a shared picnic! Every member of the team should bring one food item that they cooked and must share it with the team. The members can also share the recipes and their love for food while having a picnic as a group.

Skills Used: Communication, companionship.


Cheerful Paintball

What is more exciting and helpful for team-building than hosting a competitive paintball match? Take your team to a paintball arena, group them into two teams, and let them have their fun! You can spice up the activity even more by adding more goals like capturing the flag and guarding the treasure.

Skills Used: Strategy, internal communication, teamwork.


Green Turn with Tree Planting

Want a fresh breath of air? Start your own mini-forest! Team up with a local environmental group and plant trees with your teammates. This is beneficial for society, the environment, and promotes green choices and socializing with coworkers.

Skills Used: Community work, social responsibility.


Two Truths and One Lie

Team building activities might get monotonous sometimes, so why not make them interesting? With “Two Truths and One Lie’, you can get to know more about your team members – all this fun by playing a guessing game. This game can get funny and adventurous as members of the team come up with plausible lies and outrageous truths.

Skills Used: Communication, trust, logical thinking.


Not-so-Dumb Charades

You can make the classic schooltime game, Dumb Charades, more interesting by making your topic specific. Add more rules to the game and make the people squeeze their brains out to come up with actions so that everyone has a hard time guessing what the clue is!

Skills Used: Teamwork, collaboration, communication, reasoning.


Fun with Face Painting

For outdoor team building, get brushes, face paint, and be creative! It\’s simple and fun for employees. Employees can pair up in teams and paint each other’s faces and have fun.

Skills Used: Creativity, companionship.


5 Amazing Benefits of Outdoor Team Building Activities for Employees

You might wonder what is the point of all these outdoor activities – are they just for fun and relaxation? Absolutely not! Planning outdoor team building activities for a large group of employees offers so many other benefits.

Improved Internal Communication

In corporate settings, stress and strict management can often lead to difficulties in internal communication.

But a good outdoor team-building session can heal it all! Not only do these activities help you unwind, but they also require communication among teammates.

This can help in improving internal communication among colleagues and pave the way for a better working environment.


Better Team Discipline and Cooperation

Outdoor team-building activities foster team cooperation and coordination. When colleagues work as a team on activities that are fun and intriguing, they tend to learn more about each other and bond well.

This also works on a larger level where all the teammates work well with each other. Some outdoor activities also help employees to develop team discipline and better individual skills.


Relaxed Environment

A break from the a routine of the corporate world can help your employees feel recovered. The management can use this as a chance to watch employees and find potential future stars who stand out.


Enhanced Productivity

Outdoor activities work as a reward system, and positive rewards are always a great incentive. When employees get better rewards, like money or other things, they feel motivated to work harder. This makes everyone more productive.


Simple Fun and Relaxation

Sometimes, outdoor team-building activities do not have any hidden agenda! These retreats are just for you and your colleagues to get to know each other and relax.

You can choose a peaceful beach hotel or an intriguing forest cabin to unwind and take a break from work. Both options provide a chance to spend a few days with your colleagues.


Choosing Mileage Global for Your Corporate Outdoor Team Building Activities

Not sure where to start planning your team building activities outside work? Do not worry, Mileage Global is here to help you out! We help corporate teams plan and have fun holiday retreats and team-building activities. We are professionals in this field.

We have helped hundreds of clients find their best team holiday retreat – our client stories say it all!


Below are some of the most in-demand services we offer to our corporate clients:

Destination Selection and Stay Arrangements :

We help you pick your dream destination and take care of all the arrangements your team needs for the retreat! With us, find the best resorts where you can chill and have fun!

Travel Arrangements :

Be it any team outing or trip, we help you find the right means of transport for you and your team! All you have to do is let us know the details of your travel, and we can help you with the arrangements.

Outdoor and Indoor Team-Building Activities :

Mileage Global organizes fun events to boost employee morale, whether they are indoors or outdoors.

The Bottom Line

Be it a small team or a large one, outdoor team building activities help your team to come together and work better. When employees are relaxed and rewarded, they feel more engaged at work and have an increased feeling of connection. From simple fun activities to adventurous ones,

Mileage Global can arrange everything for your team. Partner with Mileage Global for fun team building activities and a great employee retreat!

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