Virtual Team Building Activities

Virtual team building activities are an excellent way of connecting people who work together but from different locations. Done the right way, they actually can make a big difference in getting teams into no work conversations, when they otherwise have no opportunity to meet in person.

During the pandemic, the range of virtual team building activities in existence just grew and grew. So many virtual team game platforms sprang up. All of us in the team engagement business just put our heads into coming with newer, better and more innovative team bonding games that could be run online.

The first on the list of course were short, fun-filled team bonding games.

We put together 30 to 90 minutes of fun-filled games, run by a high energy online anchor. There is music playing in the background. Many of the games will have team members out of their chairs at times and glued to their screens at others. This program can also be run for family days, as an energiser before a more serious activity or even as a high energy closing session. Each game would last between 10-20 minutes, depending on team size.

Learning Objectives

  • Collaboration
  • Team spirit
  • Getting to know your team better
  • Thinking out of the box
  • Leveraging the different strengths of a team
  • Delegation

From there, it was a short journey to dance and music based team virtual team building activities.

Dancecan be used as an effective way to connect ateam. This team bonding activity gets teams off their feet in front of a screen, and actually stomping their feet. Our high energy anchor with his foot stomping music is irresistible. We use whatever type of music appeals to teams.

The whole team, divided into smaller teams, works on different movements, either still seated or on their feet. In another part of this activity, they also sing antakshari and recognise sings, This team game puts people in a different frame of mind, breaks barriers and inhibitions.

Sample Learning Objectives

  • Team bonding
  • Team spirit
  • Rapid communication
  • Teamwork
  • Leveraging the different strengths of a team
  • Delegation

Almost everyone, including us, came up with virtual escape rooms.

Our team building escape rooms are team-based games where players discover clues, solve puzzles and accomplish tasks online inside a room, in order to accomplish a goal. We have designed virtual escape rooms, with our unique desi touch. RML specializes in debriefing this activity to enable participants to gain highly applicable business learning from the processes used to solve the mission.

This activity has all the coolness of online gaming as participants get to log into an online escape room from their laptops, and then take joint decisions on what to do, where to click, when to ask for hints and whatnot. The participants race against time to decipher codes, solve clues, interact with objects, to find their way out of a virtual room, while the clock ticks.

Our USP is our many exciting Indian themes, ranging to Indian mythology to topical vaccination and lockdown themes. It is certainly a good thing that getting together online to have fun is here to stay. It keeps people together at the very least.

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