7 Exciting Virtual Team Building Activities for 2023[Infographic]

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  • Welcome to the future of team building in 2023!
  • Remote work remains the norm for many organizations.
  • The significance of virtual team building activities cannot be overstated.
  • In this guide, we\’ll explore 7 best virtual team building activities.
  • These activities strengthen interpersonal relationships.
  • They foster team collaboration and make remote work engaging.

Let’s dive in and discover how these activities benefit your team


Why Virtual Team Building Activities Are Important?

Before we jump into the activities, let\’s understand why virtual team building activities are crucial for your remote team. Beyond the obvious benefits of fun and camaraderie, these activities offer a range of advantages:

Improve Communication: Virtual team building activities encourage team members to interact, fostering better communication and understanding.

Better Team Collaboration and Cohesion: By working together on engaging tasks, teams learn to collaborate effectively, leading to improved cohesion.

Boosts to Productivity: As remote workers learn to work together as a team, it often results in increased productivity and efficiency.

Opportunities to Check-in: Virtual activities provide opportunities for managers and team members to check in, ensuring everyone\’s on the same page.

Build Trust: Trust is essential in any team. Virtual activities can help build trust between team members and between management and the team.

Improve Mental Well-being: Engaging in fun activities can boost morale, reduce stress, and contribute to better mental well-being.

Happier Employees and Reduced Turnover: A happier, more engaged team is less likely to seek employment elsewhere, reducing employee turnover.

Now, let\’s explore the 7 best virtual team building activities for 2023:


Sing Your Heart Out In Karaoke:

Description: Whether it\’s celebrating birthdays or unwinding on a Friday night, virtual karaoke is a fantastic way for your team to express themselves and have fun.

How to Organize: Participants pick a song, and the singer keeps their mic on while others enjoy the music or join in the singing.

Benefits: Fosters an entertaining work environment and breaks the monotony of the workday.

Host a Virtual Scavenger Hunt:

Description: A classic team-building game, the virtual scavenger hunt encourages participants to find specific items within a time limit.

How to Organize: Use a video chat app, provide clues, and award points to those who find items.

Benefits: Promotes engagement, teamwork, and friendly competition.


Exercise Creativity Through a Virtual Improv Session:

Description: Virtual improv sessions let team members exercise their creativity by improvising on the fly.

How to Organize: Try exercises like \”Hype Person\” or \”ELI5\” (Explain Like I\’m 5) to improve communication and creativity.

Benefits: Enhances creativity, communication skills, and adds an element of fun.

Host an Online Office Olympics:

Description: Inspired by \”The Office,\” this event involves competitive online games and trivia, fostering camaraderie.

How to Organize: Create small groups for spirited online games and icebreaker activities.

Benefits: Boosts employee engagement, comfort in each other\’s company, and overall team spirit.


Play Classic Games:

Description: Enjoy classic games like Pictionary, Chips & Guac, or Guess Who through video conferencing.

How to Organize: Use video conferencing tools to facilitate face-to-face gaming sessions.

Benefits: Provides a fun and easy way to connect and bond.

Bring Out Your Team’s Artistic Side Via a DIY Craft Challenge:

Description: DIY craft challenges allow team members to get creative using items available at home.

How to Organize: Set time limits and rules for crafting activities, fostering creativity.

Benefits: Encourages creativity, teamwork, and unleashes hidden artistic talents.

Host a Miniature Campfire:

Description: Miniature campfires recreate the campfire experience virtually, complete with stories, games, and s\’mores.

How to Organize: Create a cozy virtual setting with candlelight, share stories, and play campfire games.

Benefits: Offers a unique and fun bonding experience reminiscent of traditional campfires.



Virtual team building activities have evolved to provide engaging and innovative ways for remote teams to connect, communicate, and have fun. These activities go beyond just entertainment; they promote collaboration, boost morale, and create a more positive remote work environment.

As we continue to adapt to remote work in 2023 and beyond, embracing these virtual team building activities can make a significant difference in building strong, cohesive, and happier remote teams. So, start planning your next virtual team-building session and watch your team bond like never before.

Remember, virtual team building activities are here to stay, keeping teams connected and engaged even when miles apart.

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