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There are many kinds of fun team building games. Or rather team building activities games can be divided according to the purpose they serve. Here are just a few, to help you understand.

There are fun team building games to help build communication skills. Such as Chinese whispers, the game in which the first person whispers something to the next person, who whispers it to the person on his or her other side, and so on. It gives you brilliant takeaways on whether we really listen to others, or whether we hear what we can relate to or want to believe.

Then comes team activities that help you assess the personalities of your team members. Tis is usually by assigning group tasks that make each person in the group behave as per their true nature. A good debrief at the end would help everyone understand how and why different colleagues handle the same challenge differently or respond in individualistic ways.

Physical team building is very popular amongst fun team building games. What we hear most often is that our clients are tired of using their brains at work, and that they just want to run around and play some fun team building games. These certainly reduce stress, pump the endorphins and promote bonhomie amongst players.

Sometimes, team building addresses problem solving of some kind. This is usually done when teams have been diagnosed with team work issues, such as not collaborating together on office tasks, or when faced with difficult situations. Different styles of problem solving can also be noticed and pointed out to everyone, and the entire team encouraged to leverage each other’s strengths rather than focus on how different each one is.

Rarely, team building activities games are used to help corporate staff build skills. This function is usually addressed through specific upskilling workshops. But sometimes it could also be handled through a broader platform like team building.

Understanding the company’s values through team programs is far more common. Behaviours that exhibit these values can be elicited through such programs. Also, the enture group would get to see it better displayed.

Sometimes, team building activities games could be virtual. This would mainly occur when teams do not work together in the same physical space. And when they also have some constraints in travelling to the same location at a common time to play games.

Group sizes do, of course, always determine the nature of the activities used. Large groups engage very differently from small groups, which tend to be a lot more intense. The bigger the group, the greater the need to ensure that some people do not become wall flowers and fade away to the sides.

The physical space used, whether indoor or outdoor, becomes the biggest determinant of what is done there. Nobody would use tabletop games in a hotel lawn, just as no company will get their staff to run around inside a glass filled conference hall.

Which type of team activity should you go for? That largely depends on the goals to be achieved as well as the resources available to you – financial, physical, human and whatnot. The purposes served by each of the above are quite different. We shall look at what those are in another essay soon.

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