Why CSR Team Building Activities is popular among corporates?

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What is CSR Team Building?

Imagine a team building activity that\’s not just fun, but also good for the community or environment. That\’s CSR team building! It\’s a win-win for everyone involved. Employees get to feel good about giving back, companies get to boost their brand reputation, and the community or environment benefits from the team\’s hard work.

Why is CSR becoming popular?

CSR team building activities have always been popular with corporates. Who would not like the feel good factor of having fun doing something, and at the same time, giving back to society as you do that.


Let’s look at some options of what teams could build together, that they could later donate for a good cause.

Amongst the high impact CSR team building activities is wheelchair building team building. How exactly is this done? You can watch it all on video down here.

The entire team assembles in one place. That could be their office. Or it could be a resort or conference venue. We then divide them into small teams. Each team gets a box containing wheels, the raw material for seats, nuts and bolts, and a small tool kit.

In other words, we give you the raw material to build a wheelchair, and the design basics. Your team works together in small groups to build multiple wheelchairs – one per 10 team members.

This activity attempts to replicate the process of building any product. But, in a hands-on manner. It also sets participants thinking about people who are differently abled from them, and triggers empathy and the opening up of minds.

Just what kind of space does one need to run this wheelchair building team building activity? Nothing overly complex, really. Just a large indoor/outdoor space for building and an outdoor place to race

What would be the flow of this activity? You would begin with introduction and ice-breaking, if required. Then would follow team division and instructions.

After that, teams would work to build the chairs. They would test the quality and sturdiness of their construction by wheeling themselves around in the chairs themselves.

One could add the fun element of a team race, to test the chairs, in a fun environment. Then, after some tightening up of loose nuts and bolts and whatnot, the chairs are finally ready! And this

A good debrief on the whole activity would make it much more meaningful to the teams. There are many learning objectives that one could derive from this wheelchair building team building activity. Such as –

  • Ownership and accountability
  • Speed in performance
  • Collaboration : inter-team and intra-team
  • Design Thinking
  • Project Execution
  • Organization
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