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Teams try to pick corporate event venues in the same way that they pick them for family holidays.

What kind of resort should you pick for your team outbound?

This is a question that you must devote much time and thought to answering before you go ahead and sign up with one.

They look for maximum luxury, great rooms, and room views. Picturesque surroundings and great food.

Basically, whatever maximum value for money that they can get.

The suitability of these resorts for team building is usually not a consideration.

Teams book resorts, negotiate on rooms, organize meal plans and then suddenly realize that – oops, they haven’t planned for the right spaces for team building activities. Or even for the right opportunities for their colleagues to bond and spend quality time with one another.

How do you avoid getting into this situation?

One good option is to hire the right event organiser company to plan your entire team outing with all its elements.

Sadly, there are almost no event companies in India that are team outing specialists, other than Mileage Global or RMG Mileage. Almost every other event organiser company also dabbles in social events like weddings and birthday parties. Otherwise, they understand corporate event venues from a conference perspective, never from a team outing approach.

So, what are the criteria for resort selection, for team building outings?

7 Criteria to Select the right Corporate Event Venue.

There are some standard points that you should consider when you choose your resort for team outings.

  • Conference hall – the size and nature of the space the hall provided could be important, even if you do not need to conduct a meeting there. Even for pure team bonding outings, your team may need a common space to gather, away from the vagaries of the weather.
  • Outdoor space for activities – especially if you intend to hold team building activities. Even otherwise, good garden spaces help to keep the team together. Without that, your colleagues may be tempted to wander away from each other in small groups. Or some may go out of the campus while others stay in, all of which defeats the purpose of having everyone together.
  • Good service staff is helpful is managing groups. Your team may want to gather in one of your rooms and call for coffee. Or you may share rooms, which means you need a proper supply of towels and toiletries every day.
  • Good ratings and feedback from corporate users – is a good yardstick by which to judge a resort, rather than word of mouth from individuals you know. A collection of experiences always presents a more accurate picture.
  • A good management is a big plus. You must have good people taking care of you, apart from your event organiser company. Hotel staff always reflect the values and discipline of their managers.
  • Good kitchen and food – always makes every team outbound much better. Everyone wants good food when they are away from home, and even more so when they are having fun with their work family.
  • Access for coaches and vehicles – because a team usually uses min coaches and buses, and not cars. People tend to carry a lot of clothes on corporate outings as there would be various kinds of events planned, so there will be a lot of luggage to be moved In too.

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