Event Organiser Companies

Traditionally, corporate event organiser companies have been hired by corporates to run their team outings. This is because they enable the corporate then to enjoy their travel and stay almost like guests, and not organizers.

And, while many firms still try and conduct their own team games on these outings, there is no doubt that event organiser games can be much more fun and effective.

Event organiser companies essentially function like the outsourced arms of their clients. They understand the needs of their events, sometimes they even define the event brief and help clients recognise the type of event to be handled.

Selecting venues, identifying all the resources require to make an event a success – these are some of the other things they do to make it easier for the clients to plan internal corporate events, even team retreats.

They treat event every event like a project, plan all elements in detail, plan for contingencies, have back up options in place. Their minds are trained to think of the small details. This makes it easier for a manager to take his team out on, say, a team outbound, where he or she (the manager) may not actually think of all the little points to be covered.

Budgeting and money management on such programs may also be better done by event organiser companies, as they are used to doing this. Again, they are likely to think of some hidden costs, or be aware of money outgoes for permissions and licenses, for example.

Also, event organiser games may provide a higher level of engagement than games take off the Net by company managers or offsite planners. Some team offsite experts may have their own unique concepts and games designed in-house, and conducted by their own facilitators.

Imagine doing something as gratifying as building solar lighting for street vendors, even as you are having fun with your colleagues. Or doing some other form of CSR team building activity.

Event organiser games may also have exciting themes like solving complex murder mysteries, or strategizing to win another team’s fort. Firms that can conduct activities for you can do stuff based on where your team is going, such as beach games if you are in a seaside resort, or forest ranger type hunts if you are in natural and green places.

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