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Team Retreats, Outings and Unique Team Building

Who we are

Welcome to Mileage Global, your Gateway to Extordinary in India.

Amongst the best of the event management companies working with corporates

Our firm is a merger of a corporate travel agency and a training firm. We offer a new and unique service. We even had to invent a name for it! We call it end-to-end team offsite services! With us, you get all the following services through one single point of contact (POC.) At very affordable prices.

Our unique blend of unique team building activities and exceptional experiences go beyond the ordinary. We create memorable moments for your team in the most exceptional settings.Our logo says it all: we work just to see the smiling faces of our clients all around us.

Meet Our Team

Davinder Sharma
Davinder SharmaFounder Partner
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30 years’ experience in event and travel management, founder of Mileage Events in 1999, pioneered public events and trade shows in India, expert in organising corporate events, product launches, large format live events, exhibitions, trade shows.
Riti MD
Riti MDFounder Partner
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30 years’ experience in media and journalism, corporate training and experiential learning, founder of Riti’s Murder Games in 2004, pioneered interactive games in training, excels in finding optimal venues, warm and bubbly front face of this company.
James Willams
James WillamsHead – Content & Ideation
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Brit by birth but became an Indophile and Indian resident a decade ago, worked for a quarter century in the IT and banking industry in UK and India, now enjoys creating new concepts and designs, for all types of corporate business and learning events.
Savio D’Silva
Savio D’SilvaHead - Ops
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Savio D’Silva, our operations head of events, is our tech man for all seasons and jobs. Savio is a techie from the hardware technology world, who now does the mundane job of delivering our high profile events with excellent client feedback. Savio’s varied background enables him to be an ace trouble shooter.
Sanjay Handu
Sanjay HanduContent and Delivery
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Comes with 30 years of industrial experience with large MNC’s and Indian organizations like BOSCH, Digital Equipment Corp and Larsen & Toubro. His most recent role was with TE Connectivity as the Director of Aerospace, Defence & Marine business. He brings his CXO level experience into the training space with us, in program design and delivery. His content design is always high impact.
Sumit Kumar Jha
Sumit Kumar JhaTech Transformation Maestro
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Our SEO guru Sumit is the digital compass guiding our online success. A graduate in software engineering, he has a keen eye on search algorithms, and uses them to enhance our visibility and drive organic traffic to our websites. His magic? Turning clicks into conversions.
Mohith M
Mohith MDigital Marketing Strategist
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Our digital architect Mohith M uses his keyword mastery, content optimization strategies and strategic link-building skills to ensure our brand stands out in the vast online landscape. Armed with an arsenal of analytics, keywords, and trend insights, he optimizes our web content, ensuring it not only speaks the language of search engines but also captivates our audience.
Debmoy Sanyal
Debmoy SanyalVisual Communications Expert
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Our Visual Communication Specialist is the creative force behind our brand's visual identity. With a keen eye for design and a deep understanding of our messaging, he transforms concepts into compelling videos, graphics and other visuals that resonate with our audience. It is his work that enhances the recognition of our brand recognition, its engagement, and overall communication effectiveness.
Kirti Hegde
Kirti HegdeLearning Guru
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Kirti is the visionary leader of all our training initiatives, orchestrating a symphony of knowledge and skill development. The blend of expertise and charisma she brings to our training floor always inspires our client teams to reach new heights of proficiency and excellence.
Padmini Babu
Padmini BabuOffice Experience Co Ordinator
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Padmini is the heartbeat of our workplace, ensuring smooth operations and creating a positive environment for everyone. She is RML's go-to person for all things related to maintaining a vibrant and efficient office space. Her enthusiasm and dedication contribute to the seamless functioning of our workspace, making it a place where productivity and creativity thrive.
Rinkle Lathiya
Rinkle LathiyaEvent Executive
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Rinkle is a fast learner and an efficient co-rdinator. From proposal to event delivery, she handles it all. Understanding the big picture is her speciality.