Team building activities in andamans

Team Building Activities In Andamans

team building activities in andamans

The Andaman islands are undoubtedly right at the top of every corporate team’s bucket list for team building. They have some unique attractions.

  • Breathtaking beaches
  • Brilliant photo opps
  • A jail that inspires and saddens
  • Interesting culture
  • Island experience
  • Exciting scuba and water sports

Organising a team outing and team building to the Andamans can be challengning if you do not have the right support. There are many elements to taking a corporate tean to these islands that one must know about and plan for.

The ferries are a major factor to consider, although they appear to be very simple. Timings are quite dynamic, and weather dependent. They are more complicated to board than they appear to be.

So is deciding where you should stay, between the 3 island options you have. And picking the right hotels or resorts. You could end up spending a lot of time travelling to the right beaches or arriving too late to do the best stuff there.

Itinerary planning is crucial, for an Andamans outing, to optimise your stay. Mileage Global specialises in this destination and can organise the best possible team outing for your company there.

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