team building activities
Pondicherry and Mahabalipuram are populat offsite locations for corporates from all over the country, because they have some specific pluses
  • Good resorts
  • Nice beaches
  • Short distance from metros
  • Quiant culture
  • Small town feeling
  • Local attractions
There are some complexities to organising outbounds to these locations, that Mileage Global understands especially well. Pondicherry, for example, always has an element of extra road travel cost, even if it is last mile, due to having to cross State borders and pay taxes.

Sometimes, Covid restrictions also vary in the different States one may end up passing through.

Thorough knowledge of the resorts in these places is a must. You get wide ranges of resorts spanning all kinds of budgets. Many look very different, for real, from what they appear to be online. Beach proximity may mean different things for different resorts.

The most fun team-building programs for outings here can be run on the beach. This must be well organised by the organisers. Mileage Global has its own team-building programs and facilitators specially designed for this terrain and these beaches.