Delhi continues to be a popular spot for corporate outings, especiallty those from outside India and from firms from South India. It has
  • Great travel connectivity
  • Good hotels in city and just outside
  • Sightseeing opportuities
  • Excellent conferencing facilities
  • Cultural performances
  • Many team activities
There are many farmhouses as well as resorts of all categories dotting the outskirts of Delhi. Drive just a short distance out and you will be in any of the neighbouring States like Haryana, Rajasthan or UP.

Each of these States have their own unique culture, cuisine and excellent hotels. So, Delhi also works as a hub that you can branch out from for your team trip.
The city has worldclass entertainment that is easily accessible. Travelling within the city is quite easy. You also get to experience India in all its grandeur best in this capital city. And opportunities for post conference engagement are vast in this city.

Mileage Global has its offices here, knows the city backwards as we have worked for 2 decades now, and understands perfectly well exactly what the best corporate team outing here should exactly have.