Team outings to Darjeeling, Gangtok and many beautiful spots around there have some unique experiences to offer.
  • Lovely weather
  • Mountain views
  • Quaint local culture
  • Good resorts
  • Interesting local food
  • Great environment for team bonding
There are many points to connect on team outings to these places. A seasoned team outing organiser who understands the topography of this region and its terrain is a must.

Mileage Global knows this area well, and had great team building facilitators from nearby who can run team activities with a local flavour.

Sightseeing is exotic and breath-taking in this region. The right transport and permissions are key to making a team retreat to this part of North Eastern India exciting and memorable.

Many resorts here look better online than they do in person. The challenges of hotel staffing are huge in this terrain. Selecting the right resorts is also crucial here, and that would come from an organiser who knows them all well.