Looking for the perfect destination for your corporate team outing? Look no further than the enchanting cities of Jaipur, Udaipur, and Jaisalmer in Rajasthan, where Mileage Global specializes in creating memorable and repeatable experiences. These locations offer unique features that make them ideal for both domestic and overseas team outings.

  • Well connected from many metros
  • Good food
  • Team bonding through local experiences
  • Haveli resorts
  • Unusual team-building experiences
Mileage Global regularly organises team outings that have turned out to be memorable and repeatable to these parts of Rajasthan.

Desert experiences are very different in themselves. They have to be organised very differently from the regular family or tourist sand experience, to ensure that the entire team actually bonds with one another.

Cultural experiences can be a great alternative to parties and dancing. So can experiencing staying together in a palace type of environment. We at Mileage Global focus on the aspects of a destination or location that are unique to that place. Without this focus, a team trip to Rajasthan can turn out to be like to any other destination.

Mileage Global’s localized team-building experiences also bring you a flavour of the local art forms, which bring a different sense to collaboration and understanding to teams.
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