Coorg outing
Chikmagalur, Sakleshpur and Coorg are traditionally the first port of call of mostof Bangalore’s corporate teams.
  • Scenic location
  • Pleasant weather
  • Coffee plantation resorts
  • Interesting sightseeing
  • Short drive from Bangalore
  • Hospitable locals
Chikmagalur team building
These towns are all popular for team retreats because of the spacious resorts amidst the plantations. They support team bonding really well as they provide ample time and speca for colleagues to hang out together – go for walks or treks, just chill and hang out together, visit nearby waterfalls and estates by jeep.

Here too there are many insider tips and best practices to make your team experience smooth and enjoyable. Mileage Global knows these well, as we conducts many team outings here every month.

Which forest checkpoints come before what resort or sightseeing spot are factors to consider. The sizes of vehicles that are erquired to go to certain spots are key.

Coorg is the larger place, amongst these 3, with resorts at all price ranges. Chikmagalur comes next, with Sakleshpur joining the bandwagon during the pandemic. All have home stays and alternative options that we do not consider suitable for team trips. We actually know the venues best suited to team trips.
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