Bangalore is one of the best corporate team outing spots in India. It has everything that you need for this purpose.
  • Well connected airport
  • Pleasant climate throughout the year
  • Good resorts on the city outskirts
  • Great wifi connectivity at all venues
  • City sightseeing including wineries and pubs
  • Compact city, no large distances
This makes it an ideal destination for inbound corporate team outings also.

The Government of Karnataka has, for years and across all political parties, is always keen to make the city a corporate hub.
The people of Bangalore too are easy going and hospitable. The local populace has long been overtaken by outsiders.

Distances are short, compared to the geographically bigger metros like Delhi and Chennai. The city has been designed for a far lower population than exists now. This is being addressed by city planners now, and will happen in time. This is why the traffic jams stories are so rampant now.

Mileage Global has its head office here, and knows this city as well as its surroundsings perfectly. We would be able to advise you best on where to stay, what to do and when, and can put together the best possible corporate team outing here at the best prices.