Playing games in ooty
Bandupur, Kabini and Ooty are all broadly in the direction of Mysore. They are not really the most suitable, but are still much preferred for team outings for some reasons.
  • Short, pleasant drive from Bangalore or Mysore
  • Green and foresty surroundings
  • Quiet evenings without music
  • Space and mood for bonding
  • Clean air, no urban distractions
  • Great team memories and photographs
Partnering with the right corporate outing organiser like Mileage Global is a must toi make offsites to these regions high impact.

The resorts of the forest areas of Kabini and Bandipur are actually not really suited for team building or bonding. They are really designed for wildlifers and families. However, we have our shortlists of the ones that have the right ambience, space and pricing to suit companies.

Travel to Ooty has to be planned carefully, to ensure that it is fast and not tiring. Using the right kind of vehicles is crucial. Pit stops have to be planned with intimate knowledge of the route and terrain. So too, reaching the right food places that can accommodate all and serve quickly.
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